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Assigned Seating Or Not

Assigned Seating or Not

  The biggest benefit to assigned seating comes if you are having food service. It is much easier to deliver the food to the table when you know who is sitting where and have a seating chart to back this…

What Are The Perks Of A Fall Wedding?

What Are The Perks Of A Fall Wedding?

Pictures of pumpkin-spiced lattes, scarves, and apple-picking are taking over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Fall is here, and all of the pictures make it clear -- people are really excited about it. Brides and grooms-to-be don't have to be an exception to…

3 Wedding Rules You Can Forget About Following

3 Wedding Rules You Can Forget About Following

Weddings are full of traditions, and some of them are great -- like wearing something old, new, borrowed, and blue -- but others, well, it's about time they be ignored. Sure, they used to have their place, but now it's…

Should You Send A Save The Date?

Should You Send a Save the Date?

You are already planning on sending your wedding invitations out six weeks in advance, so why is your wedding planner recommending you also send out Save the Date announcements? Isn't six weeks enough time for people to make arrangements to…

Popular Wedding Traditions And How They Have Changed

Popular Wedding Traditions and How They Have Changed

The wedding day has been one of the biggest days in a person's life throughout history. It marks the beginning of a new life with another person. However, when it comes to the traditional wedding, much has changed. All inclusive…

Party Favors Ideas For Valentine’s Day Weddings

Party Favors Ideas for Valentine’s day Weddings

Yes, a lot of people get married on Valentine's Day; after all, it is the only day dedicated strictly to the emotion of love. However, that doesn't mean that all Valentine's Day weddings have to come from the same cookie…