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Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is no easy fit. After all, it’s called the “big” day, meaning a lot of planning has to go into it, including finding the perfect venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The good news is you can easily streamline the planning process by applying the following tips.

Set Your Wedding Budget and Checklist

It’s never a good idea to plan as you go along when it’s a wedding you’re planning. For starters, you need a budget because that will help define the choices you make when choosing the bride’s dress, the number of guests, or a venue for wedding events. In addition, you also need to come up with a checklist of things that need to be done until the wedding comes together. To tie everything together, consider having a wedding planning book that contains the details of your budget and to-do list. It will help keep you organized.

Determine Your Style, Preferences, and Theme

Wedding trends come and go while others always stay in fashion. For instance, according to Hudson Valley Weddings, outdoor weddings account for 35% of all weddings. If you look at wedding trends, you can find a lot of inspiration when planning your wedding. Still, it’s essential to realize that your preferences matter, and if you want to have a wedding that truly makes you happy, it’s important to figure out early on what your needs and wants are. Prioritizing your style, preferences, and themes ensures you make choices that match the end result you’re looking for. For instance, knowing your preferences can help you determine the best dates and the size for the wedding.

Involve the Right People in the Planning Process

You don’t have to navigate the wedding planning alone. Besides having your partner to consult with, you can also work with a wedding planner who will streamline the process for you. This can reduce the burden on you and add more fun to the process. The trick is to find a professional that not only understands your goal but can help you refine your vision for the big day.

You can find plenty of tips on the proper way to plan a wedding online, but you’ll find that these three tips are condensed to cover everything you need to keep in mind to plan the perfect wedding. To get started, please get in touch with us at Renaissance to set up an appointment with one of our event specialists and to discover your options for a beautiful venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions.