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Baby shower planning

Where does your budget go when planning a baby shower?

Baby showers are a special moment for parents-to-be. They are fun but they also need planning and a budget. The cost largely depends on the venue, the number of guests in attendance, party favors, food, or prizes. In this blog…

Baby Shower Venues

3 Unique Baby Shower Themes

Baby showers are some of the most fun and cute moments to plan. Everyone gets excited about the gifts off the registry, delicious treats, and unique games. A baby shower theme is a great way to make this celebration even…

baby shower venue

How to Choose the Best Baby Shower Venue

When you need to select a baby shower venue, it can feel like there are a million decisions to make. Fortunately, we have a few simple tips that can help you pick the perfect location for your upcoming baby shower.…

venues for baby showers

What to Expect from Venues for Baby Showers

A baby shower is one of the most exciting celebrations that happens during someone's pregnancy. It’s a time to celebrate the impending birth with your family and friends, and it should be as relaxed as possible. That means that you…

baby shower hall in Miami

A Touch of Spring for Your Baby Shower

Winter will soon grow into spring, and party halls in Miami are preparing for the coming season. There is something about the warm weather, blossoming gardens, and the birds chirping that has everyone wanting to host all kinds of events.…

baby shower venue in Miami

4 Reasons Why to Host a Baby Shower After the Birth

Baby showers are special events to commemorate the bringing of a new life into this world. It is a party for the parents and their families to celebrate the latest addition. Baby showers are usually scheduled before the birth of…