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6 Beautiful color palettes and combinations to consider for a Baby Shower theme

Baby Shower theme

From color schemes to décor and catering, there are plenty of decisions to be made when planning a baby shower. It can be easy to choose from the traditional pink or blue themes but there is also a whole rainbow of options out there! Here are beautiful color palettes and combinations that will make your event stand out from the rest.

1) Turquoise and Yellow

Although it sounds a little risky, this cheerful color combination works great for any gender. You can also rely on white to keep it from being overwhelming. For example, instead of using blue tablecloths with yellow napkins, use a white one and accentuate it with yellow flowers in a turquoise vase.

2) Yellow and White

This is one for the summer as the sunny hue is great for themes related to nature such as beaches, bees (parents-to-bee), ducks, etc. Add in some hints of green and stud centerpieces with yellow blooms such as tulips or sunflowers.

3) Purple, White, and Gold

This color combination is perfect to welcome a baby girl. The soft shade of purple like violet, lilac, plum, or lavender looks just as feminine as pink, particularly when paired with pops of white and gold.

4) Mint and Gray

This is an elegant and beautiful color palette to explore. It’s especially suited for a garden-themed baby shower. If you want a bit more color, try adding in a few accents of dusty rose or silver.

5) Orange and Peach

For a little cutie on the way, an orange and peach ombre effect is a super sweet color palette to carry throughout. It is subtle and as mentioned before can be accompanied by white tones and centerpieces accents.

Celebrate the arrival of your cute baby with these modern and beautiful color combinations. This is a special event so you want it to look the best for the pictures. Make sure to check out our renovated ballrooms and reserve ahead of time to avoid missing out on your dream venue! Contact us for more information.