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6 Steps To Get Started Planning Your Wedding

6 Steps to Get Started Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is a big deal, and you might be feeling overwhelmed. Don't worry, you can plan everything you need by staying organized and sticking to your plan. Here are some tips to help you get started. 1. Enjoy…

Benefits Of Destination Weddings

Benefits of Destination Weddings

The movie Father of the Bride starring Steve Martin is a humorous, exaggerated depiction of the stress and extreme costs involved in planning a wedding. Thankfully, by opting for a destination wedding instead of a traditional wedding close to home, you can…

Intimate Affair Or Big Family Wedding

Intimate Affair or Big Family Wedding

Planning a wedding may be the biggest project you have ever tried to accomplish. And there are loads of details from who to invite, to planning a menu and selecting a band. The details can be overwhelming. But before you…

Should You Have Assigned Seating At Your Reception?

Should You Have Assigned Seating at Your Reception?

Many people are familiar with the concept of assigned seating at wedding receptions and other similar events. However, is it really worth the painstaking process of deciding who will sit where at your reception or is it better to simply…

Tips For Sticking To Your Wedding Budget

Tips for Sticking to Your Wedding Budget

One of the biggest challenges you'll face when it comes to planning your wedding is making sure you stick with the budget you have set. Whether your parents are helping to pay for it or you are on your own,…

Planning A Fairytale-Themed Wedding

Planning a Fairytale-Themed Wedding

If you've always dreamed of having a fairytale wedding, then it's worth spending the time to plan it right. Like any themed wedding party, a fairytale wedding can be designed as a small or large event. With the right preparation,…

Magical Miami: 3 Venues To Consider For Your Wedding

Magical Miami: 3 Venues To Consider For Your Wedding

Getting married is supposed to be the most exciting, joyful moment of a couple's life. You're surrounded by friends, family, and loved ones who have all gathered to celebrate your relationship. As fun as the final Big Day is, it…

5 Things To Look For When Planning Your Dream Wedding

5 Things to Look for When Planning Your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding or a special event requires taking care of many details. If you are currently engaged in a search for the perfect spot for your wedding, here are five things you need to keep in mind when finding…

Three Ways To Wow Winter Wedding Guests

Three Ways to Wow Winter Wedding Guests

With a comfortably moderate year round climate in South Florida, it can be challenging to envision a chilly weather escape being a top theme for a winter wedding. However, with clever planning and an experienced staff backing your efforts, creating the…

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