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3 Tips for Hosting a Baby Shower

Is your loved one expecting a bundle of joy soon? Whether it’s someone’s first child or baby number five, throwing a shower is a great way to support the parents! When it’s time to plan a baby shower, here are three key tips to consider.

1. Choose a Venue

What’s the best place to host a baby shower? Instead of having it as someone’s home, why not host it at a beautiful venue? After all, there are a myriad of event spaces available for weddings, anniversary parties, showers, and more. When it comes to the ideal venue, think about location, food options, and amenities.

As the host, easing the planning process is best. Therefore, choose a venue located in a central area with plenty of parking. Make sure they also offer excellent catering services as well as access to extra tables to hold gifts. When you tour venues, be sure to ask how far in advance you can arrive on the day of the shower. This ensures you have plenty of time to set up personalized decorations, like a balloon arch for photos!

2. Pick a Fun Dessert

How can you have a baby shower without a tasty dessert to celebrate the new family member? A yummy cake, cupcakes, or even mini pies are excellent choices. You may even choose to have a personalized message put on a cake. As you determine the desserts and the rest of the menu with the help of the venue you choose, consider any dietary restrictions your guests may have. When people RSVP, you can always have them check what type of restrictions they may have, ranging from being vegan to needing gluten-free items.

3. Send Out Invites

Last but not least, don’t forget to send out official invitations. You can always send baby shower invitations through e-vites or stay traditional with mailed ones. Be sure the invitations include the address of the venue, the time, the date, and information about the parents’ baby registry, as 75% of expecting parents create a baby registry, according to What to Expect. Once you have enough people RSVP, it’ll help you plan your headcount for seating and food.

Hosting a baby shower is a fun experience as long as you check all the boxes. Here at Renaissance Miami, we help individuals plan and host events for their loved ones. For an all-in-one venue that can give you all of the services you need, contact us for a consultation!