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Happy ladies at a baby shower

3 Baby Shower Catering Tips You Just Can’t Pass Up

After choosing between the best unique baby shower locations Miami has to offer, many people think that the biggest part of their baby shower planning is complete. Unfortunately, this isn't quite the case -- sure, choosing where to have a…

Happy ladies at a baby shower

3 Ideas To Help You Throw The Best Winter-Themed Baby Shower

It's no secret that planning a baby shower should be an exciting and enjoyable event for everyone involved. Most brides, about 30%, say they plan their weddings for seven to 12 months, but fortunately, baby shower planning typically takes much…

Happy baby with the title of the article

3 Helpful Tips For Throwing the Best Baby Shower Ever

Carrying a baby for nine months certainly has its challenges. You might have trouble sleeping here and there, develop strange food cravings, and feel the absolute worst that you ever have in your entire life. That being said, pregnancy certainly…