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Baby Shower Games Your Guests Actually Want to Play

Baby Shower Venues

Baby showers are a great time to show your loved ones how excited you are for them and to show your support. However, planning a baby shower can be a lot of pressure. You want the mom of honor to feel special and you also want the guests to have a good time. A successful baby shower has many elements, but one of the most important is fun games: Not games that people will dread, but games people will be excited to play and will be talking about for many months to come. These are two games you can’t go wrong with.

Baby Food Tasting

For this game, all you need is some baby food, tasting spoons, and notepads for guests. Before the shower, remove the labels and write a number with permanent marker on each of the baby food jars. Of course, make sure you write down what each one contains before you remove the label.

During the shower, pass out the tasting spoons (make sure there are enough for each person to get a clean spoon for each jar) and let the tasting begin. See who can guess the most correctly using just sight, smell, and taste.

Smell the Poopy Diaper

This one will have your guests laughing and will make for some memorable photos. All you need is six clean baby diapers and six different types of chocolate candy bars. Before the shower, label each diaper with a number and make a note of which candy you will put in each diaper. Then, right before guests show up, use the microwave to melt the chocolate inside the diaper—about 30 seconds is more than enough.

When it is game time, you simply pass the diapers around and have the guests try to figure out which candy bar is in each diaper. Have some tasting spoons handy if anyone is brave enough to taste them. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins.