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Exploring 3 Simple and Seasonal Baby Shower Ideas Perfect for Fall

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The most popular month to get married is June (accounting for 15% of all weddings). But unlike marriage, planning a baby shower can be a bit more unpredictable, and it certainly needs to be done in less time. For this reason, it helps to incorporate a theme that goes along with the season, and with fall just around the corner, it makes perfect sense to include fun fall ideas and decor into the festivities. Here are just a few ideas to help you plan the ultimate fall baby shower.

Foliage/Leaf Decor

First, create the right atmosphere by stringing leafy decor throughout your baby shower venue. Some venues may go above and beyond to accommodate these requests if you ask about all-inclusive event packages. But whether you choose to hang foliage-like decor from the lights or use the look for centerpieces, make sure you don’t ‘leaf’ them out!

Candy Apple Bar

Spending for cocktail hours has risen to 76% from 69% in 2010, but since the mom-to-be can’t enjoy a traditional bar, why not include a candy apple bar that everyone can enjoy? You have total freedom to include any toppings you want, and guests are sure to love the opportunity to get creative and indulge their sweet tooth at the same time.

“This make-your-own-dessert bar is truly the apple of our eye, especially because it’s an absolute cinch to recreate. Simply display apples on sticks alongside caramel and chocolate sauces, cookie crumbles, sprinkles, granola, MandM’S and any other tasty toppings you dig,” writes Heather Walrath on Brit and Co.

Cider and Donuts

Cider and donuts are a traditional autumn staple, so it makes sense to include them in any fall themed baby shower. But it’s all about the presentation — you can give a baby bottle-like appearance by serving the cider in glass bottles with striped straws. And as for the donuts, variety is key, but pumpkin spice is an absolute must!

Ultimately, there are no limits when it comes to fall baby shower possibilities. It’s all about being creative and taking advantage of all that the season has to offer. For more information about baby shower venues in Miami, contact Renaissance Miami.