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Can’t Decide on a Baby Shower Venue? Consider These 3 Creative Options

Happy ladies at a baby shower

So one of your best friends recently found out she’s pregnant, and you couldn’t be more excited for her. That’s great! However, figuring out where to have a baby shower isn’t always easy. While traditional venues and reception halls are usually ideal, they may not be quite the right fit for some of the more unconventional and quirky moms-to-be. If you’re finding it difficult to determine where to have a baby shower, there are a number of innovative options that could be perfect for your needs. Here are just a few out-of-the-box ideas for baby shower venues.

Tea Room
If the mother-to be has an appreciation for luxury and culture, a tea room could be the perfect option. Tea rooms offer a number of unique amenities and are sure to provide some once-in-a-lifetime memories.

“Sipping tea from fine china, munching on finger sandwiches, and the mommy-to-be unwrapping prettily decorated gift boxes… this sweet and girly option is an ideal venue choice for an all-female guest list,” writes Samantha Chan on Beaucoup.

Home of a Friend/Relative
If you like the idea of having the baby shower at a home but your own abode is a bit too small or out of the way, don’t rule out the idea of asking a friend or relative of the mom-to-be if they’d be willing to host. A home can often provide the perfect atmosphere for a quaint yet meaningful celebration. If you do find the home of a friend or relative to use as the venue, just make sure to help clean up afterward!

Local Park
Finally, the most popular month to get married is June (accounting for 15% of all weddings), but if you’re aiming for a summer shower, a local park can be both a scenic and affordable option. It may take a bit more planning, but you’ll most likely to be able to find a space that comfortable accommodates the guests.

While these options can work for some mothers-to-be, it’s important to keep the level of planning in mind. All inclusive event packages at traditional reception venues typically provide the best value and service, and their level of class is simply exquisite. For more information about baby shower venues in Miami, contact Renaissance Miami.