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2 Fun Ideas to Consider if You’re Planning a Spring Baby Shower

People laughing at a baby shower

Planning a baby shower for a friend or loved one is a great way to show just how much you care about the new venture in their life. It’s also the perfect opportunity to get creative and incorporate some fun themes and decor, especially if the mom-to-be has quite the eccentric personality herself. Spring is finally here, and there are countless ways to incorporate the fun and excitement of the new season into the baby shower’s theme and decor. Here are just a few ways to use the spring season to your advantage when planning a baby shower.

Use Floral Decor
With spring comes beautiful flowers in bloom, which can serve as the perfect all-natural decor. And as the temperatures rise, the opportunities for outdoor occasions become endless. In fact, about 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions, so why not consider having the baby shower outdoors as well? When exploring locations for a baby shower, prioritize those that have unique garden-like outdoor areas. Many baby shower venues in Miami have beautiful outdoor areas, and this type of unique setting truly brings any baby shower to life and helps to create unforgettable memories. Just make sure the mom-to-be hasn’t developed any allergies or sensitivities to any types of florals or fragrances because of her pregnancy, and always have a backup plan in case the weather doesn’t hold out.

Play Spring Games
It may not seem like there are many ways to include spring themes into the baby shower’s activities, but there are actually a surprising number of simple games that can fully play into the entire theme. Parenting Magazine has the perfect suggestion for a fun and easy spring themed activity:

“Play a memory game with a spring twist by placing the names of baby items on little pieces of paper and inserting them into plastic eggs. Each guest will take turns trying to remember which colored egg contains which baby item. Whoever gets the most right wins….Game winners can receive seasonal party favors like certificates for facials or coupons for spray tan sessions at a local spa,” writes Kelly Sundstrom.

Ultimately, there are plenty of ways to embrace the spring season and include it as part of a baby shower’s theme. For more information about locations for a baby shower or all inclusive event packages, contact Renaissance Miami.