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Choosing the Right Time and Place for A Fantastic Event

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Choosing an Event Location

If you’ve ever been in charge of hosting an event, you know that there are a lot of details that must be considered during the planning phase to ensure that the event is a success. Whether you’re an employer developing corporate events for your staff, or you’re a valued friend or family member responsible for finding unique baby shower locations to celebrate your loved one’s milestone, location and timing are among most important choices you can make surrounding an event.

Giving yourself plenty of time to plan is key, because so many things can happen during the planning process. If it’s going to be a big event, giving yourself seven months to a year to plan it is a great way to work through bumps in the road according to 30% of wedding-planning brides. A good planner will carefully research their venue options and while they’re honing in on one, they’ll have a couple of back-up plans in line. That way if one of your unique baby shower locations becomes unavailable, the event will still be able to continue without issue.

Utilize the resources you’ve got at your fingertips. The internet is an excellent way to research banquet halls, outdoor reception venues, or unique baby shower locations. This is evident in the fact that nearly half of all couples researching reception venues do so online. Most reputable venues will have a wealth of information conveniently listed on their website. Researching online can help sort through possible locations before physically visiting the best venue or venues on your list.

Catering Your Event

Knowing your guests is another must when it comes to choosing the right party location. For example, if you’re planning on having a large number of people in attendance, you’ll want to reserve an event banquet hall that’s got enough room to comfortably seat all of your attendees. If your event is going to be an all-day affair, you’re probably going to have some form of catering involved.

Confirming that you’ve ordered enough food is just as important as determining that you’ve arranged the right combination of menu items. When selecting catering for events, the people in attendance can tell you a lot about what you should consider serving. For example, there are events where an open bar is appropriate, and events where drink and dietary restrictions should be carefully examined.

Knowing your guests extends far beyond what you choose to have your caterers serve. If you know a few of your guests’ hobbies and supplement your knowledge with due diligence, you can scan through local event announcements to make sure that your event isn’t set for a date that will conflict with some or most of your guests’ schedules. Setting a date that’s far off from other events that your guests might want to attend is a good way to ensure a good turnout at your own celebration.

Staffing Your Event

If you plan on hiring any staff to work your event, choose your candidates carefully. You’ll want to choose staff that not only have the experience but have experience working an event like the one you plan to host. While catering and serving might sound like a one-size-fits-all service, the type of event being thrown can have a lot to do with the way your staff performs. If their experience is in wedding receptions, serving at a charity function might be a challenge.

Finally, when it comes to timing, it’s a good idea to make sure that your celebration concludes at an appropriate time, leaving you or your staff plenty of time to clean up after your guests leave. This way, the party will be using the venue after you will be able to start on time. It’s important to be considerate and punctual during the planning process because if you’ve got your heart set on certain unique baby shower locations, other planners will do so as well. You want others to have as great a time as you did during your event, and part of ensuring this involves excellent time management on your part.

With great planning and proficient staff, you should be able to have a magnificent party that your guests will appreciate and enjoy.