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5 Fun and Trendy Tips for Baby Shower Locations Miami Style

baby shower locations miami

There’s a bundle of joy on the way and it’s time to celebrate with a baby shower! You’ve got your guest list all set, and now you want to decide on a theme. What could be more exciting than a baby shower with a Miami-style theme? Here are five fun and trendy tips for inspiring themes for baby shower locations Miami style.

Art Deco

One of the most iconic symbols of the Miami area is the Art Deco district. This would be among the most select and elegant baby shower locations Miami could ever offer! An age of glamour, of dazzle, of sparkle, of extravagance, and of carefree enjoyment reigned during the glorious Art Deco era. Hosting a baby shower here would capture all the excitement that your guests could ever dream of or imagine. And of course, you could also replicate this gorgeous district in any venue with innovative, thoughtful, and creative decorations.

Tropical Colors

Who doesn’t think of turquoise, ecru, emerald green, and shell pink when they envision Miami? The colors of the tropics are a fabulous starting point for this luscious theme among your baby shower location options. A decor that reflects this sensational palette could easily be complemented by creative catering. Delectable tropical fruits and vegetables served with panache could reinforce the theme of the tropics for you, in any baby shower venue you desire.


With several professional sports teams, Miami is a focal point for athletes and fans alike. Wouldn’t a baby shower that celebrates the excitement of the Miami sports scene be unforgettable? Maybe you could host a brunch for a shower celebration at Hialeah Park. This theme would be perfect for a co-ed guest list or a gender reveal, too. Wherever you decide to hold your sports-themed shower, it will be a winner.


For something truly unforgettable, why not celebrate the area’s exotic flowers and plants? The Gardens at Vizcaya, for instance, would be a candidate for the title of best venue in this category. Here is a fabulous idea among all your other options for baby shower locations Miami style, since it is a venue that would be nearly impossible to replicate any place else in the world. The gorgeous flowering trees, shrubs, and colorful, exotic flowers would create an event setting that would be etched in everybody’s memory forever. If you aren’t able to go there, you will surely be able to re-create the beauty of Vizcaya with the services of an imaginative florist and the best catering services you can afford.

Miami Beach

We all know that in the past, it was traditional to host celebrations such as a wedding or baby shower indoors. For years, the best venue was considered a beautiful ballroom. That’s still fine today, but the trend has shifted. Now the percentages for weddings held outdoors has risen to 35%. Similarly, baby shower locations also have evolved into include different venues, too. Why not consider beautiful Miami Beach as the site for your baby shower? It could be elegant or rustic, whatever style you decide and whatever fits your budget. But one thing is for certain: it would be unforgettable!

As we have seen, if you want to consider unique baby shower locations, Miami is filled with options for you to explore. But no matter where you are, these ideas will hopefully make sure that your Miami style baby shower celebration will create wonderful memories to last a lifetime.