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4 ways to use pumpkins as decor for your fall wedding

Fall wedding

You might be thinking that pumpkins are unusual wedding decoration items. Truth is, they are great autumnal decorating elements that can make a chic and striking statement. Pumpkins range in color, size, and texture so if you thought they’ll make your wedding too orange you’re wrong. If you have set a color palette and theme, this seasonal element can adapt to your wedding’s style accordingly. Here are some amazing ideas to incorporate pumpkins into your big day.

Accentuate the setting

Pumpkins can serve as an accent for understated areas, like table displays. They play up the autumnal aesthetic without overshadowing the setup. You can pair them with elegant chairs such as bistro, glass, or metallic and add an arrangement of flowers next to it. If orange is not part of the color scheme, decorators can spray paint them in any tone you’re needing to match the rest of the wedding’s vibe.

Mark the seats

If you have a seating arrangement then adding name cards or tags is a great way for guests to find their spot. Add small-sized pumpkins in white, beige, or metallic hues next to the name tag. We promise they’ll look cute!

Highlight the head table

Mark the distinguished seats of the bride and groom with an extra-special display of pumpkins. Decorators can get creative and play with tones and sizes as well as include candles or bouquets.

Decorate the photoshoot setup

You can create a beautiful photo background with pumpkins! This seasonal favorite can add a rustic touch to any setting for the perfect photo op. Some photographers play with shades such as green, white, and orange.

Pumpkins are a unique element to set the mood for fall weddings. The right decorator will know how to play with the colors in order to incorporate them into a classy style. The decor shouldn’t overwhelm the table or your dinner guests, so make sure to scatter the pumpkins throughout and keep them below eye level. At Renaissance, we adapt to your style because we want this day to be all that you’ve dreamed of!