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Tips on how to plan a rehearsal dinner

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A rehearsal dinner is a celebratory event that occurs the day before the wedding. From choosing a menu to selecting a unique venue, rehearsal dinners have evolved into full-blown events. Whether you host an intimate affair or a larger celebration, the possibilities are endless. Like any important event, there are a few things to consider and plan for a successful rehearsal dinner. Keep reading to find out.

1. Create a guest list

The rehearsal dinner guest list includes close family, friends, and anyone participating in the wedding ceremony. Make sure to include your out-of-town guests in the festivities.

​​2. Pick a unique venue

Make sure to choose a venue where you can host an intimate celebration. Rehearsal dinners might not be the wedding itself, but they can be the most special moment spent with your closest loved ones. Make sure to choose a different venue than the wedding reception.

3. Consider timing

Most rehearsals usually begin around 5:30 p.m. and are followed by dinner which tends to start around 7 p.m.You can decide when to have the rehearsal dinner, some people for example choose to have it two days before the big event. This is a good idea to have more time to relax and prepare for the wedding.

4. The toast

It’s advised for couples to pick someone to give out a toast during the event. Yes, there will be lots of toasts throughout the wedding celebrations. You and your partner should also plan on saying a few words to welcome the guests and start the rehearsal.

These are some of the most important things to consider for a rehearsal dinner. Above all make sure to have fun and enjoy every second of it. Let Renaissance Ballrooms in