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Tips to deliver a best man speech

Best man speech

As the best man, one of the most important tasks is delivering the best man’s speech. Although it’s an honor to do such a thing, you might find it hard to write something that will be memorable. Don’t wait until the last minute to start! Here are some tips to consider before starting your speech.

Setting the tone

This is important and will serve as a guide on what to write. For example, do you want the speech to be funny, melancholic, or a little of both?

The opening line

Also known as the hook, this is the moment where you either win or lose the audience. Usually, a funny joke puts everyone in the right mood. If you speak after the groom, you might want to share a funny anecdote that you guys experienced or a moment that marked your friendship.

Introduce yourself

The bride and groom know who you are but there are family and friends who don’t, so make sure to introduce yourself. Perhaps a good way to do this is by breaking down how you met the groom. This is also a great opportunity to pay some compliments to the bride and her bridesmaids.

Take a jog down memory lane

This is the moment where you can mention how you met the groom’s bride and how you know they were perfect for each other! You can even throw a joke about how you never thought he’d get a bride as amazing as the one he just married. Keep it classy and remember the speech is about them!

The end!

Perhaps you are not the most romantic guy or the best at writing a toast, but you are the best man so now’s the time to show what you are made of! When the end of the speech is near offer some advice to the couple, read a quote or poem, and wish them all the best.

At Renaissance, we’ve hosted many weddings and have heard some amazing best man speeches. We are glad to be part of such a special moment. Come check out our venues, cheers!