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Make Your Quirky Wedding Work For Everyone

Make Your Quirky Wedding Work for Everyone

No one says that a wedding has to include tuxedos, a white dress and a moving organ rendition of “Here Comes the Bride.” A wedding can be an event that is as unique as you and your betrothed. Yes, if…

7 Ways To Lower The Cost Of Your Wedding

7 Ways to Lower the Cost of Your Wedding

The average cost of a wedding today is about $26,000 – a pretty astounding figure by just about anyone's measure – but there are ways to cut costs so you can have more money left over to spend on the…

Top 5 Gifts For Your Groomsmen

Top 5 Gifts for Your Groomsmen

Groomsmen gifts show how grateful you are to the guys in your wedding party for taking time out of their lives to share your day with you, so when it comes to choosing a way to say “thanks,” look beyond…

Bohemian Weddings Are Hot! Tips To Make Yours Sizzle

Bohemian weddings are hot! Tips to make yours sizzle

No doubt about it, from interiors to fashion to weddings, the Boho look is hot, and if you like to be unique, it's definitely a style you'll want to consider. Not sure where to start? Here are a few Bohemian…

Hashtag Your Wedding!

Hashtag your wedding!

Instagram and Twitter let you share your wedding with far-flung friends and loved ones, and they're also fun for guests who want to send you well wishes in a unique, if public, way. All you have to do is hashtag…

The Etiquette Of An Adults Only Wedding

The Etiquette of an Adults Only Wedding

While some couples thoroughly enjoy the experience of being surrounded by all of their family and friends on their wedding day, including any little ones, others prefer to have an Adults Only Wedding where couples can relax and the noise level is…

Say “Cheese”! Making Your Wedding Photos Memorable

Say “Cheese”! Making your wedding photos memorable

Formal and candid photos play a big part of any wedding, providing you with a lifetime of memories you can share with family, friends – even your children. Make the most of your wedding photos with these five simple tips.  1.…

Fun Ways To Dress Up Your Wedding Cake

Fun Ways to Dress Up Your Wedding Cake

A traditional wedding cake can be a glorious creation. However, many couples want something a little different for their special day. They don't want the same cake hundreds of other couples have chosen over the years. If you're looking for…

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