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3 reasons to have a January wedding

January wedding

January might not be a popular month to get married…yet. But there are actually lots of advantages and reasons to host a wedding during the first month of the year. January marks the beginning of a new beginning, and therefore having a wedding during this time can give your guests something to look forward to. If you are wondering which is the perfect month to get married, then keep reading to find out the reasons why January is the one for you.

1) It can have a brightening effect after the holidays

It is very common for people to experience the famous “January Blues” after the holidays and at the beginning of the year. Which is why having a wedding in January is perfect! And since there is not so much going on during this month, guests are most likely to attend the wedding with lots of excitement. Planning your wedding during this month can give everyone in your social and familial circle something fun to look forward to!

2) The cold weather is actually an advantage

January weddings are usually indoors, however, depending on your location there might be a chance for snow to fall. This can be an excellent opportunity to take some beautiful pictures and enjoy a unique outdoor photo shoot with your wedding party. The possibility of snow can actually be a blessing in disguise for some magical and whimsical images.

3) Two words: comfort food!

If you are a couple that enjoys delicious food, then January is the ideal time to put together a comfort food feast that will be remembered by everyone for years to come. A wedding menu during this month allows you to provide guests with warmth and comfort. From your drinks to entrées, and the main dish, there are many ways to capture the essence of the season.

Once you have decided to save the date for a January wedding it’s time to start looking and booking the perfect venue. Our facilities offer indoor ballrooms that are perfect either for small or big weddings. Contact Renaissance to set up an appointment and start planning your wedding today!