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A look at wedding costs: traditionally who pays for the wedding?

wedding costs

A wedding entitles various elements, which like everything, come with a cost. For many families, it is important to not only set a budget but also figure out who will pay for what. Although hosting weddings in current times is much different from before, there are still families who follow the tradition of paying for certain items. Take a look at how some wedding costs are divided.

Wedding costs on the Bride’s family

Even though these days things can be more flexible, the costs that traditionally run on the bride’s family include things like the wedding dress (hair and makeup), wedding planner, engagement party, ceremony/reception, wedding cake, flowers/décor, photography, morning-after brunch, and accommodation for bridesmaids. As you can see, once upon a time the bride’s family was the one with the majority of the bill.

Wedding costs on the Groom’s family

The groom’s family is traditionally expected to pay for the marriage license, the officiant fee, the rehearsal dinner (venue, catering, decorations, etc.), the honeymoon, and accommodations/transportation of the groom’s family and groomsmen. In regards the honeymoon, some couples set up a collaborative or crowd-funded place at the reception (or even online) to collect some money towards their “honeymoon fund,”. As per tradition, the groom is also the one who pays for the bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres, and corsages and the liquor/alcohol for wedding reception.

Tradition vs. comfort

First of all, we have to throw out the disclaimer that there is no official ruling regulating financial responsibility. While some couples do prefer to follow the tradition other couples go with what each family is comfortable with. A three-way split among the couple and family members is another contemporary payment plan option. The most important thing is to consider what works out for all parties involved.

These days the lines of who pays for what when it comes to weddings are definitely blurred. Which can be better for some as it leaves space for flexibility. However, there are those who consider it is easier to just go with what was once traditionally established. For those who have to pay for the venue, make sure to visit our beautiful ballrooms! Contact us to schedule an appointment.