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Tips on how to plan an intimate wedding

how to plan an intimate wedding

There has been an unprecedented boom in intimate weddings this last couple of years. And while some still prefer the extravaganza, others want something much smaller and intimate. This type of weddings demands their own format since they tend to be more guest-centered. From a focus on who is in attending, finding the perfect venue, and choosing the decor, there is much planning to do. Here are a few tips that will help you successfully plan a small intimate wedding.

1. Edit the guest list

Intimate weddings are usually small, with under 75 guests. So before finding a venue and booking catering it is important to slim down the guest list. It is best to keep your inner circle of family and friends involved. The point of this kind of weddings is to be surrounded by those who make you feel loved, comfortable, and supported. Keep in mind that almost every element of the wedding will be affected by your guest count.

2. Send handwritten invitations

With fewer guests on your list, it’s much easier to personalize things such as invitations. Not only is this a beautiful thing to do, but guests will be able to save the card as a memory. Rather than printing hundreds of invitations, send handwritten ones with beautiful hand-lettering.

3. Consider a venue

Traditional venues are full of spaces that are perfect for smaller celebrations. Make sure to choose a place where you can go all-in on the details. An intimate wedding is a moment to design the space and not just the tables. Work with lights, fabrics, plants, and anything else that will help create an ambiance.

4. Invest in a photographer

A smaller guest list means more opportunities to capture intimate moments. Therefore, hiring a great photographer is an investment for this special occasion. The photographer should be able to capture laughter, tears, and all the moments you’ll treasure the most.

Having an intimate wedding means you and your guests will have the freedom to enjoy more and focus on the smaller details. If you are planning on having this type of wedding, make sure to visit our ballrooms and facilities that can accommodate smaller intimate events of as few as 50 guests. Contact us today to schedule a tour!