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How to avoid these 4 common wedding day mistakes

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When planning for your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect! With so much going on, you and your team can forget about the small and big things that can end up ruining this special day. Luckily, we’ve gathered the most common wedding day mistakes so you can prepare ahead and avoid them. Take a look.

1. Forgetting to eat

It’s important to eat before the ceremony. If you don’t feel like having a complete meal, you can have a sandwich, a quick breakfast, or just a little snack to make sure that you don’t feel wobbly during the main event.

2. Time with your partner

A very important mistake to avoid is not getting enough time with your partner. Try getting a few minutes before, during, and after the ceremony to chat and enjoy your company. Guests can tend to be quite a distraction, with all the hugging, dancing, and talking. So make sure to spend this precious time with your wife or husband.

3. Missing out on photos

It’s a good idea to give your photographer a full list of all the photographs you want from the day. Pictures with your friends, your mom, by yourself, pictures of the food and the scenery, etc. This will help you cherish all the details and give a guideline to the photographer about what not to miss.

4. Not having a plan B

There’s a saying that goes, it’s better to be ready than sorry. Unpredictable things can happen and it is better to have a plan B than no plan at all. So, make sure to create a contingency plan and make sure your wedding planning team knows it too. A good idea is to write a wedding day handover a few weeks before the big day. Make sure to include things such as how are you getting to the venue, and if you’ll need an overnight bag. Distribute a copy to bridesmaids, groomsmen, suppliers, and anyone else who might need a copy.

The team at our amazing venues will make sure to do everything to assure you the best day possible! However, following these tips will make you feel more secure and present on this day. Make sure to call our staff today to book or schedule an appointment to see our venues and ballrooms.