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Inside on what happens at a cake tasting

Wedding tips

If there’s one thing couples look forward to about planning a wedding is the wedding cake tasting. You get to spend an hour or two eating cake and combining flavors to create your perfect bite. However, there’s a little more to it than just indulging your sweet tooth. Here’s a quick inside on what really happens at a cake tasting.

Make sure to be ready before the tasting

A good tip is to have an idea of how you’d like your cake to look before heading to the baker. Make note of what design details you want. Your wedding style, flavors, season, and location will help determine how the cake is decorated. When it comes to the appearance of the cake, do you prefer buttercream or fondant? Fresh or sugar flowers? Ornate designs or a more simple and traditional look? It’s also important to check your baker’s portfolio beforehand.

An overview of the essentials

Before heading into the cake tasting, you and the baker will have to talk about some important details. Give him/her/them an overview of your wedding logistics; the pricing of the options you’re considering, your wedding date, approximate guest count, venue, and the time of day your reception will be held. Keep in mind that some bakers charge a tasting fee that may be applied toward the cost of your cake.

Details on details

During the cake tasting, you’ll discuss more than just flavor combos. A good baker will want to know about the design of your wedding, like who the planner, florist, and photographer are, and the details of the venue. This will help the baker brainstorm ideas and conceptualize an overall design.

What you’ll need to decide

Thankfully, you don’t have to decide everything about your cake during the tasting. However, it’s important to leave the tasting deciding the flavors, overall design concept, and whether or not this is the baker you want to hire.

Make sure to ask if you can bring additional family members or friends to the tasting. Make sure it’s someone who will be helpful in making a decision.