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A guide on how to postpone or cancel a wedding

Unexpected things happen sometimes that require a wedding postponement or cancellation. Perhaps a health-related issue, budget, or more time to prepare. whatever the reason, this means a change of many plans for everyone including family, guests, and vendors. That’s why it’s essential to approach postponing or canceling your wedding the right way. Here are some tips on how to navigate the process like a pro.

1) Check with your insurance

If you have insurance, you should first check with them and see what it covers before reaching out to vendors. That said, if you don’t have insurance don’t beat yourself up about it. But definitely get it for the new date!

2) Consult a professional

Your next step should be to speak with a planner and talk about the possibility of postponement. If you don’t have a planner, talk with your venue or caterer. It’s important to speak with them before making any decision, this will help you process and share feedback and ideas.

3) Understand the costs

With any change of plans comes a potential change in costs, including losses on pre-paid fees like retainers and final payments, and nonrefundable goods and services. To help you understand the financial burden of postponing (or canceling) a wedding, you should first reread all contracts you have with vendors and see if they’ve missed something that allows you to receive the money you paid back outside of what’s refundable. If you have questions, ask a lawyer.

4) Let guests know

Planners suggest letting guests know as soon as you’ve officially decided to cancel or postpone your date. You can do this by email, although a phone call is, technically, proper etiquette.

5) Talk to your venue and vendors

The next step is to speak to your venue, first asking for three-four open dates. It’s important to keep an open mind when considering available dates. It may be the case that you end up getting married on weekdays which will be challenging for guests. Once you’ve spoken with your planner and venue, reach out to the vendors you’ve hired about rebooking. The earlier you can do that, the better.

6) Choose a new date

Once you’ve decided to postpone, ask yourself, how far out do you want to postpone? Find a new date that feels comfortable to you by checking your personal and family calendars.

After you’ve gone through the heavy process of organizing and e-scheduling, formally invite your guests and announce the new date. Perhaps even ask yourself if you want the same theme or new details. At Renaissance, our team is ready to help you every step of the way. Contact us to talk about venue options and policies.