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Wedding trends for 2022

Wedding Trends For 2022

This year is set to have over 2.6 million weddings in the U.S. So if you are getting married or planning to do so, this post will share the wedding trends being done by the world’s top event planners.

Themed parties

Weddings are now doubling in fun! And this means that rehearsal dinners and welcome parties themes include outdoor bonfires in the woods, a circus feel, and masquerades with a point of view, to mention a few. Clients want an entire concept from start to finish, executed in a way modern and fun way.

Virtual save-the-dates

This lifesaver trend started during the pandemic as a way to avoid spending budget on printing and mailing. It also helps open the line of communication in a more instant kind of way, in case plans need to change. There is instant gratification in sending the save-the-date and getting responses immediately. Going virtual not only saves money but also eliminates the stress of slow mail never or not getting to guests on time.

Big blowout weddings

Big weddings come back! This means couples are looking for venues with big ballroom spaces like our Renaissance wedding venues that can accommodate up to 500 guests for large receptions.

Technicolor schemes

One of the biggest trends is dopamine dressing as couples want to celebrate in technicolor! They want to sit at a living table filled with florals and dine under ceilings of florals and lights. After all, it is a huge celebration and must look and feel like one.

Wallpaper accents

Whether it’s your grand entrance backdrop or the scene behind the band, these are the perfect places to bring in a signature wedding accent or wallpaper.

Long wedding weekend

Now that people can go out and travel, couples are wanting to go beyond just a wedding day. Why not make it a wedding weekend with different kinds of events? This means three to four days of celebrations including a welcome party, a rehearsal dinner, something active to do during the day, and perhaps even a detox event or a day party to send your guests off.

If you are planning a wedding soon and are looking for the perfect venue for this special event or for any event for your wedding weekend, contact us at Renaissance today!