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3 tips to choose the right wedding reception package

3 Tips To Choose The Right Wedding Reception Package

It is the case that many times event and wedding venues offer specials that can fit several things in one big package and can include catering, china service, music, entertainment, and others you need for the wedding event. This can facilitate the planning and organization of your wedding. But choosing the correct wedding package is something you have to decide on with certain criteria in mind. Here are some tips to help you choose the right one for your special day.

1. Consider what are your must-haves
It’ll most likely be the case that the packages offered will include the food, which is usually presented as elegant buffet meals. But other than that, what are some must-haves you are looking for? Perhaps flowers for the bride and groom’s table or the choice of long or round dining tables. Create a list of things you are needing and looking for in a wedding package to make the decision easier.

2. Ask about the all-inclusive packages
When checking out a venue, it’s key to ask the right questions, such as does the venue have an all-inclusive wedding package? These packages can help you save time, effort, and money. While the items vary from one venue to another, you have the opportunity to save on certain things, such as food and catering, chairs, and tables. Typically, these packages include choices of places to have a wedding, along with exquisite dining and other essentials.

3. Ask if your wedding packages can be customized
Some packages are set, but since it is your wedding, after all, there may be some changes that you would like to make. It’s a good idea to ask whether or not you can customize the venue package. Perhaps you want to change the flower or decor options, bring your wine or change some food items. Many venues are flexible and can accommodate your request as long as they are not outrageous. Also, if there are any restrictions, now is the time for you to ask about them.

Other things to consider when choosing the right venue package are budget and costs. What does the rental fee include? Does the package provide food tasting? Most venues will have a meeting with you where you can specify your budget and ideas or must-haves for the wedding. At Renaissance, we offer wedding specials for your big day. Schedule an appointment today.