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6 unexpected wedding costs couples forget to budget for

Wedding costs

The estimated cost of a wedding is commonly around $18,000 and $32,000. This is why it is essential to have a budget and a spreadsheet to organize costs. There are big expenses when planning a wedding such as a venue, the dress, catering. But there are also some hidden costs that couples seem to forget about. Here is a list of expenses that could cost you big.

1. Marriage license
Getting married is actually a legal process and the documentation needed costs money so don’t forget to budget for that. Search or ask your wedding planner about the cost of the process in your state.

2. Insurance
Wedding insurance is important, and many tend to leave it behind on the priority list. But there are unpredictable circumstances that should be considered in the case your wedding day gets disrupted. The insurance protection can give you peace of mind and will be there for you to get your money back in the case of an event that can’t be helped (such as covid).

3. Wedding dress alterations
You’ll be one of the lucky ones if your wedding dress and bridesmaids’ dresses fit perfectly off the peg. It is most likely though, that you will need to pay for some alterations. Perhaps this won’t be the case but it’s best to have it on the budget spreadsheet for prevention.

4. Wedding dress cleaning
Most brides get their wedding dress dry cleaned after the wedding. If you want to preserve it as a memory, put some money aside for this and get it done as soon as possible.

5. Suite for the night
Your bridal suite can come included with some wedding venue packages, but that’s not always the case. Be sure to check beforehand so you’re not surprised by the extra fee.

6. Vendors’ food and drink
Wedding vendors such as photographers and entertainers may have a clause in their contracts that requires you to provide them with food and drink while at the job. It’s best to check this before you finalize your catering. If they don’t include it in the contract it can be a generous detail to provide them with a meal nonetheless.

It is a good idea to think about all the possible things that will require cost related to post and pre-wedding shenanigans. Talk to your planner and friends so you don’t skip on any items.