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The Wedding Planning Checklist You Didn’t Know You Needed

Wedding planning can be extremely stressful, no matter what kind of wedding you want to have. There are so many things to consider and no matter what you do, you’re likely to miss out on some things. So, here are some wedding planning reminders that you didn’t know you needed.

Have a Timeline for Your Photographer

Your photographer will want to get the best photos possible, often using natural lighting that isn’t available inside wedding halls. Since 53% of weddings take place during the afternoon and 31% take place in the evening, they’ll often want to use the sunset. Meanwhile, the 16% of weddings taking place in the morning will have other things to consider. Make sure that you and your photographer have everything planned so that you’ll both be available and ready to take those wedding pictures!

Make a Do-Not-Play List

Your DJ needs to know if there are any songs that should not be played in wedding halls. While you’re considering what songs you want, also put together a list of songs you don’t want. This will save you frustration during the reception.

Organize Post-Wedding Transportation

Once you’ve decided between wedding halls, how do you and your future spouse plan to leave after the reception? Make sure that you’ve planned out your transportation well in advance. If you’re hiring a car, take the extra step and confirm it the week and day before. Don’t take it for granted that you’ll have transportation. Otherwise, you might find yourself scrambling when the celebration is over.

Set Up the Meal

While you’re planning out the menu for everybody else, make sure that you figure out how you and your future spouse will eat during your wedding. You’re going to be extremely busy during the event. While everyone else is eating, you’re likely going to be walking around to thank everyone for coming. Have someone prepare plates for the two of you so that you can sit down and eat once your duties are done.

By making sure these seemingly-small tasks are completed, you will make your wedding more comfortable. So, as you look at wedding halls and buy your gowns and suits, don’t forget to plan the little things as well! For additional information about planning your dream wedding, contact Renaissance Miami.