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A guide to choosing the perfect wedding cake flavor

Wedding cake

A big part of having a wedding is deciding on colors, themes, and flavors. This is particularly important when it comes to a key element in any wedding; the cake. The truth is there is a wide variety of wedding cake flavors to choose from, you’d be surprised! It all depends on personal preferences. Some couples go for traditional tastes while others experiment with more fun and rare flavors. This guide will give you important information to help you choose the perfect wedding cake flavor for your big day.

How to choose wedding cake flavors
To begin with, it’s important to first choose the right cake baker. It should be someone you can trust and talk to. Design is important but what comes on the inside is too. A good tip is to stop in a few bakeries for sample tastings before choosing the perfect one to take on this huge task. Once you have the designated baker, it’s time to have fun tasting the flavor. Remember that the best flavor is the one that you enjoy the most (and the one that’s completely gone by the end of the tasting).

Things to consider
Here are a few things to consider when weighing flavor, fillings, and combinations:

  • Scent: The aroma of the flavors is important, if they don’t smell good it most likely won’t taste good either.
  • Texture: When ingredients are paired properly it can create a delicate texture and flavor profile.
  • Layers: Don’t limit yourself just because you are having just one wedding cake! If you and your future spouse want different flavors, ask your baker to have the cake made with layers of each.

Seasonal cake flavors & ideas
For the fall: White chocolate cake with cranberries, apple spice cake with salted caramel, and pumpkin cream cheese frosting.

  • For the winter: Mint chocolate, chocolate cake with coffee caramel, red velvet with cream cheese frosting, and cinnamon dulce de leche.
  • For the spring: Vanilla cake with raspberry filling, vanilla cake with passionfruit curd, and lemon cake with lemon curd and fresh strawberries
  • For the summer: Almond cake with cherry filling, strawberry shortcake, and coconut cake with mango curd.

Your wedding cake flavor choice should be one that you and your couple adore. Try not to stress about it. If unsure, talk to your baker or event planner about what you are wanting and looking for. You can also ask your venue if they have any cake bakers available. For any inquiries contact us at Renaissance Ballrooms.