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Reasons to Have a Wedding in December

December wedding

December is a month known for its holidays and celebrations. If you love all the things that make this month so special, then you should consider having a December wedding. Getting married in the off-season comes with perks such as reduced rates, more available dates at venues, beautiful decor, and less stress about the weather since the wedding will most likely be indoors. Here are more reasons for having a December wedding.

1. Great availability and venue rates
Many venues, as well as suppliers, have low season rates in December, some may even offer special packages. December is typically a low season for weddings, which increases the chances of securing a spot at your preferred venue and suppliers such as photographers, makeup artists, and entertainment.

2. Your guests are in a great mood
December is a joyful month, marked by quality time spent with loved ones. In general, people around this time of the year are in a great mood because of the spirit. Therefore, December brides and grooms will most likely have guests that are ready to celebrate love!

3. Venues are decorated
Many venues are decorated for the holidays during December. That’s one less thing December couples have to worry about. You can utilize on-site décor in creative ways that can save you time and money.

4. Fun theme ideas
A wedding in December allows for a variety of elegant and unique themes. You can get creative or opt to follow the traditional colors and decor associated with this month (Red, green, gold, silver, blue, white) such as fairy lights, candles, white flower bouquets, etc. For catering matters, this month also allows for delicious seasonal options!

5. Honeymoon
December is a great month for post-wedding shenanigans such as the honeymoon! There are work and school vacations and therefore more flexibility and less stress when it comes to travel.

There are many reasons to plan a wedding for December, but it is best to speak with a wedding planner beforehand and communicate your requirements. At Renaissance, our venues are at your disposition for an amazing indoor wedding any time of the year. Contact us today!