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4 crazy, fun, and unusual wedding themes to consider

Themed wedding

While many people still do traditional weddings, themed weddings are very much on the rise as more couples are inclined to celebrate their love in a way that is unique to them. There’s something romantic about two people proving that they share some of the same quirks. Oftentimes, these weddings can be really fun and unforgettable. Prepare to be surprised and inspired by these unusual wedding themes!

1. Harry Potter wedding theme

A couple recently had an elegant HP-themed wedding worth a total of $65,000. They had a live owl actually deliver the wedding rings, the seating assignments were fastened to Quidditch hoops, the aisle was lined with pages from the books, and the programs were printed in the style of The Daily Prophet. A magical wedding theme for sure!

2. Zombie wedding theme

You might be wondering where we got these ideas from, but a real-life couple tied the knot in an extremely creepy Zombie themed wedding. The wedding took place at One Mayfair, London, transformed to look like a ‘Caribbean paradise gone to hell’. It included a creepy zombie priest and the groom’s spooky zombie voice.

3. Game of Thrones theme

When you think of Game of Thrones, you might think of the ‘Red Wedding’ but it’s nothing like that. For this wedding theme, you can get inspired by the fashion of the show, and even have a throne for the bride and groom! A cool idea is to have a GOT-inspired photoshoot for the memories. It’ll be pretty bloody amazing.

4. Hunger Games wedding theme

The Hunger Games and planning a wedding aren’t exactly two things that go hand in hand. But for those who are fans and romantics, this is perfect for a “live in the midst of chaos” kinda feeling. Your guest can get creative and wear extravagant outfits. You can also choose to apply the theme to a party before or after the wedding.

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