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Wedding Menu

How to Select a Wedding Menu that is a Crowd Pleaser

For many brides, the wedding menu is the most important factor for their special event. Food is certainly a crucial element for the guests. While the bride and groom are caught up with the ceremony, pictures, and greeting guests, the…

Dream Wedding Venue

Three Ideal Menu Selections for a Springtime Event

Whether your upcoming Springtime event is a wedding, baby shower, corporate event or other celebration, there’s no denying that coming up with an appropriate menu can be challenging. However, if you are hosting a springtime banquet or gathering, here are…

Colorful Desserts And Fruit Buffet Table

Hottest Wedding Food Trends

Are you ready to plan the menu for your wedding? Couples are getting more creative than ever when it comes to wedding catering. Things like a make-your-own-sushi table and tropical menus are some of the newest trends for 2018. Even…

Corporate Event

Guide To Planning A Successful Fall Corporate Event

Many employers may not realize it, but fall is the perfect season to invest in employers and boost productivity and morale by planning a fall-themed corporate event. The drop in temperature can cause some to grow weary with impending thoughts…

Infographic: 76% Of Weddings Happen In June

Planning Your Dream Wedding? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

Planning a wedding takes a lot of serious thought, but it's important to not get overwhelmed with stress during the actual planning process. There are so many aspects that you'll have to consider and figure out, including: the Catering Service…

Candy Table

Tips for Making Your Reception Child-Friendly

While some couples are choosing a kid-free reception, plenty of others still see weddings as a family affair. Even if you decide you want to invite the little tykes in your family to take part in the wedding festivities, you…