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Three Ideal Menu Selections for a Springtime Event

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Whether your upcoming Springtime event is a wedding, baby shower, corporate event or other celebration, there’s no denying that coming up with an appropriate menu can be challenging. However, if you are hosting a springtime banquet or gathering, here are some elegant menu ideas that will leave guests amazed.

Springtime Starters

Spring menus should reflect the freshness of the season, making leafy greens, colorful vegetable salads and fresh fruits ideal starters. Because the Miami weather will be much warmer, consider cold cut platters, cheese or veggie platters and light creamy dips to tide guests over until the meal begins.

Menu #1: Tenderloin Tips

Tenderloin tips are excellent for most occasions and these juicy morsels are pre-sliced cutlets of premium steak that don’t overwhelm the palate or the stomach. Choose a starch that traditionally complements meats such as baby potatoes in butter or freshly made mashed potatoes. Mixed vegetables or dishes like summer squash or green bean almandine complete this plate nicely.

Menu #2: Churrasco Las Pampas

Those looking for a meat dish with a bit of flair will enjoy the succulent taste of churrasco las pampas with equally creative side selections. Favorite starches to pair with this plate include gandules and rice or Tex-Mex style potatoes. Complete this creative menu with novel sides such as fried cinnamon sweet bananas or a clever yucca dish.

Menu #3: Broiled Fish or Shrimp

Keep the menu light with fresh broiled fish or shrimp or consider a combination platter of both. Pair these with colorful side dishes to bring ‘life’ to the plate with options such as pasta or broccoli Primavera, mixed vegetables, buttered carrots or a summer squash trio. This is an ideal menu for those who prefer to dine on the lighter side without sacrificing taste.

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