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Catering Services in Miami: Choosing the Right Type of Food for Your Wedding

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Let’s talk about the Catering Services in Miami, the exact menu isn’t the only thing you need to think about as you consider catering options for your wedding. There are several types of food setups people frequently use for this special day. Which one you choose depends on what you envision for your wedding and what your guests will expect. The following are a few options to consider.


Buffets offer a more casual approach to wedding dining and can be a less expensive option without cutting too many corners on quality. With this type of setup, your guests can make their way through a buffet line and choose the exact foods they want to eat. This lets you provide a greater variety of food for your guests and gives them the opportunity to eat as much or as little as they want.

Sit-Down Table Service

If you’d like your wedding reception to feel more formal, a sit-down meal with a prespecified menu can be the perfect choice. Guests can choose their main dish prior to your wedding and will be served right at their table with a choice of sides. You may choose to offer an appetizer, main course and a dessert, whether it’s your wedding cake or some other sweet offering that your guests will enjoy.

Family Style

While buffet and sit-down table service are at the extreme ends of the spectrum, you do have a choice in the middle. Family-style meals consist of large serving dishes that are brought to each individual table. Guests can then choose what they want and how much, filling their own plates. These serving dishes are typically refilled as needed. This type of food service offers the same benefits of a buffet without requiring your guests to get up to serve themselves.

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