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Guide To Planning A Successful Fall Corporate Event

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Many employers may not realize it, but fall is the perfect season to invest in employers and boost productivity and morale by planning a fall-themed corporate event. The drop in temperature can cause some to grow weary with impending thoughts of winter, but expressing appreciation to employees through a thoughtfully-planned and enjoyable corporate event can bring the whole team closer together. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the most important decisions for your fall corporate event.

Environment: Inside Or Outside?
This is one if the most important decisions you’ll have to make regarding your fall corporate gathering. That being said, it should also be one of your first decisions. Ideally, a mix of indoor and outdoor activities work the best because they allow employees to have more of a say over their preferred environment. Nearly half (48%) of people research reception venues online, but however you research potential venues, make sure to express your concerns with management and see what accommodations are available. Perhaps you can rent a party venue that has access to an outdoor porch or gazebo. Keep in mind that if you choose an outdoor venue, it’s easy to use space heaters and serve warm beverages to keep people toasty.

Catering: Classic Or Festive?
Catering is also an integral part of organizing any corporate event. While guests are always receptive to traditional classics, taking the advantage of seasonal fall favorites is sure to add something special to the occasion.¬†Tim Decker¬†explains, “Fall season is the perfect time of year to offer a variety of comfort foods at your corporate events and parties. Instead of offering attendees the usual sandwiches and finger foods, perhaps you can choose some more festive comfort-style dishes. Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, pumpkin mousse and sweet potato casserole are just a few ideas to consider.” Also, don’t hesitate to ask caterers — or even your employees — about their favorite seasonal recommendations — they’re probably happy to provide them!

After you’ve made these two major decisions, you can start to plan for the activities at your corporate event. If the weather permits, consider having fun and fitness-based team games such as kickball or softball. Anything that allows employees to voluntarily step out of their comfort zones while working together and getting some exercise is bound to be a success.

Ultimately, it’s important to keep these considerations in mind while you’re planning your fall corporate event. For more information about corporate event venues, contact Renaissance Miami.