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How to Select a Wedding Menu that is a Crowd Pleaser

Wedding Menu

For many brides, the wedding menu is the most important factor for their special event. Food is certainly a crucial element for the guests. While the bride and groom are caught up with the ceremony, pictures, and greeting guests, the crowd has to wait for activities to begin. Knowing your guests will help you decide on a crowd-pleasing menu. Before you begin, start with an idea of what people will enjoy and compare your ideas to what your caterer offers.

Stick with Popular Foods

Ask your caterer which are the most popular food and drink items on their menu. Discuss any requests you have such as items for children, diet restrictions or preferring finger foods. You can have a lovely menu whether it consists of appetizers and desserts or is a full-course menu.

Create a New Trend

You can personalize a menu by pairing items together that are your favorites that may not be common. Or add an unusual item as a side dish or dessert. If you prefer a buffet-style meal, say so. Or if you just want to have a dessert party, let your caterer know.

Be Specific

Asking for a chicken dish is vague. It’s better to tell your caterer that you want to have roasted chicken or chicken cordon bleu. You can also ask for a list of their chicken dishes and discuss them with your caterer to decide which works best for your crowd. The same goes for the rest of the menu. The more specific you are, the easier it is for the catering service to assist you.

Keep the Menu Guest-Friendly

While you may be a wine connoisseur, your guests may be beer drinkers. Remember to focus on what your guests like when planning your meal. You can always ask for a special meal for yourselves or save your favorites for your honeymoon.