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Three Tips for Hosting a Spectacular Quinceañera Event

Quinceañera Event

The storied origins and traditions of quinceañeras are deep rooted in numerous cultures and marks the 15th birthday of celebrants who are ‘officially’ transitioning into womanhood. Essentially, this is one of the most important days in a young lady’s life besides her wedding day, so it must be eternally special. Here are three tips for hosting a remarkable quinceañera event.

1.   Choose a Memorable Quince Event Space

When it comes to choosing an event space, it should be as gorgeous and bold as the celebrant’s quinceañera dress. Make a statement by opting to hold the festive traditions of dancing and dining within an elegant reception hall or glamorous ballroom that will ‘wow’ every guest. Some additional benefits of such locations are that the facilitators can often provide staff to handle all of the decorations, serving guests and cleanup.

2.   Create a Dramatic Theme

While a quinceañera has a certain thematic ambiance already, these days teens want to reflect their own style along with historical traditions. Some of the most popular quince themes include:

  • Traditional Princess
  • Cinderella Balls
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Mariachi Madness
  • Parisian Glamour
  • Masquerade Galas

Those opting for a formal ballroom or reception hall can often have their theme accommodated by the hosting location.

Delectable Dining Options

While many guests will be teenagers, it’s important to understand that this generation has embraced more designer food and drinks that go beyond pizza, burgers, and simple buffets so stepping outside the norm is recommended. Go with your theme and perhaps even beyond with custom delights or side bars for sliders or custom sundaes. Inquire with your party planner at the reception hall or your caterer about including some surprisingly over-the-top dining and dessert options.

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