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Before You Finalize Your Wedding Reception Location, Make Sure You Understand These 3 Critical Details

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When it comes to wedding locations, there are virtually countless possibilities. Normally it’s a good idea to book your wedding reception site as soon as possible once you’re engaged — at least a year to nine months before the wedding. But before you choose just one, it’s critical to make sure you ask all of the right questions. Here are just a few details you should understand about potential wedding venues before you commit to one.

    1. Setting Up:
      Many people neglect to ask about specific decoration rules and requirements, but many wedding venues have them. Make sure you know what the layout of the room will look like ahead of time — the last thing you want on your wedding day is to be surprised or deal with unexpected setup complications. Another important question to ask is whether or not there is anything the venue doesn’t have that you should bring yourself. When it comes to setting up, you want to make sure you have all the bases covered.
  1. Catering:
    Food and alcohol are two of the main features of most wedding receptions. Some wedding packages offer excellent deals on food and alcohol, but if your food is being provided by the venue itself, you need to make sure you know what isn’t provided in addition to what is included. The main food details to determine are the serving style (buffet? family? individual?), number of meal choices, and number of employees on the wait staff. As for alcohol, make sure you understand any limitations or costs associated with an open or cash bar.
  2. Music/Entertainment:
    After the meal, most guests like to work off some calories on the dance floor. That’s why it’s important to determine whether or not you need to bring in your own DJ, the size of the dance floor, and their sound system setup.

Ultimately, these are just a few critical details of planning a wedding reception. If you want to have more of a hands-off and relaxing experience planning your wedding, it may be better to opt for a wedding planner package. For more information about wedding packages, contact Renaissance Miami.