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Hottest Wedding Food Trends

colorful desserts and fruit buffet table

Are you ready to plan the menu for your wedding? Couples are getting more creative than ever when it comes to wedding catering. Things like a make-your-own-sushi table and tropical menus are some of the newest trends for 2018. Even classics like comfort foods will have a modern twist.

We asked the best caterers in the industry to tell us their favorite wedding food trends for 2018. Read on to discover some of the best food ideas for your big day.

#1 Latin American Cuisine

There has been a heightened obsession with Latin culture recently. Many couples are choosing to add a bit of festive flair to their wedding with Latin American food. Latin dishes include an electric selection of inspiring foods that feature ingredients from Central and South American countries. Latin American menus include food like International Empanadas, Cuban “Pastelitos,” and Masitas de Puerco.

#2 Mini Dishes Galore

When it comes to new trends in wedding food, less is more. Bite-size foods are all the rage for 2018. Favorite miniatures include mini Cuban tamales, bambino mini pizza pies, and petite meatballs. There are no miniature foods that are off-limits for a wedding. These small Hors D’oeuvres allow food to circulate at ease, which helps keep guests relaxed and happy.

#3 Vegetarian Dishes

Even couples that are not vegetarian or vegan are choosing meatless menus. The focus is on serving food that is exciting and fresh. From fresh garden vegetables Crudite to seasonal fruits, these are colorful, new dishes that guests will relish.

#4 Dessert Drama

Expect elaborate sweets this year. Couples are making desserts an experience for guests to relish long after the wedding ends. Many couples are choosing to forgo the traditional wedding cake in favor of something more memorable like a donut tower decorated with elaborate lettering.