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7 fun and delicious wedding food ideas from real weddings

Wedding food

At a wedding, there is always room for everything to have its own show. From the venue to the decorations, the entertainment, and of course the food. You can impress your guest and also make them have a memorable time with the food you give out. Most people have low expectations and expect a traditional meal, but you can spice it up by having some fun and delicious food ideas. Read on for some fun food ideas, inspired by real weddings.

1. Chocolate-Covered Bacon

If you’re a bacon-obsessed couple, of all things you could serve this might just win the award for most delicious and most surprising for your guests. Sweet, smoky, and salty all in one.

2. Mini Grilled Cheese

There is something about mini foods that are considered super fun. Something as nostalgic and comforting as a slice of grilled cheese is undeniably enjoyable. To make it even better, you can pair them with mini cups of tomato soup.

3. Pretzel and Beer Bar

This option will likely surprise your guests! A great idea is to pair an array of beers with assorted pretzel varieties for a food bar experience.

4. Mini Tacos and Margaritas

Bring the fiesta to your reception with this amazing combo. Guests will love the creativity of mini tacos paired with tiny margaritas. Talk with the chef or caterer to get creative and play with taco flavors, even offering a meatless option.

5. Mini Churros

Take a unique spin on dessert with mini churros paired with vanilla ice cream and dulce de leche. Guest are going to love it!

6. Milk and Cookies

Serve grown-up cookie flavors like almond crunch or lavender shortbread with a range of milk options. This option is not only fun but also something very unique to have!

7. Macaroni and Cheese Lollipops

Chances are, most of your guests love macaroni and cheese, but why not take the homestyle dish to a new level? These macaroni and cheese lollipops are fried to golden perfection for easy eating while on the move at a reception. Definitely one for the books!

Having a fun wedding food menu is all about getting creative and finding something both you and your guests will love—the possibilities are endless. At Renaissance, we are ready to handle even the most specific of tastes. Our on-site qualified event specialists will hold your hand through the entire event planning process. Contact us today!