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Catering Planning: These Are the Types of Foods and Drinks To Avoid At Events


Whether you’re planning a corporate or charity event, a wedding, or a multi-day conference, it is important to note that food and catering will impact the success of the event. Food choices are a critical matter to ensure the satisfaction and positive feedback of the attendees. Therefore the menu options should be adequate to all publics and this means certain food choices are to be best kept away from your guest. Here’s a list of foods and drinks to avoid at events.

  1. Dairy Rich Foods – Dairy sensitivity or lactose intolerance is one of the most common food allergies people experience. Dairy-rich foods can lead to uncomfortable feelings – ones anyone would want to avoid at an event – such as cramps, bloating, and gas. Avoid too many creamy dishes, or choose menu options that are not dairy-based.
  2. Overly Spicy Foods – Everyone has different spice tolerances you should consider. It is best to keep food options simple and mild and add spicy sauces on the side for each one to serve.
  3. Heavy Odor Foods – Avoid foods that are heavy on the smell and could cause bad breath or bad bodily functions. These include garlic, onions, overly fishy foods, cabbage, beans, and curry.
  4. Greasy or Fried Foods – It all depends on the event and the public. For cases where children will be at an event, it might sound like a good idea to have pizza, french fries, or other fatty foods. But it is best to avoid serving these items since they can be quite messy and are also slow on digestion.
  5. Gluten Rich Foods – Not everyone has a negative reaction to gluten, but some people experience bloating and cramps because of it. For this case, it is best to offer your guests that could be affected by gluten, plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits options.
  6. Raw Food (meat or eggs) – If you want to serve any raw dish are your event, make sure you have a catering service or chef experts on this choice. Raw food, especially raw meats or eggs of any kind could cause food poisoning.
  7. Artificially Sweetened Beverages – Most sodas and sugar-free drinks contain sugar alcohol which can be hard to digest. A better option is to offer water, natural beverages, and red or white wines.
  8. Too Much Alcohol – Alcoholic beverages can alleviate the mood of guests and put the event or celebration in a great mood. However, too much of this can lead to a disaster. Try to put a limit on alcoholic beverages, offer guests water from time to time, and other healthy drinks.

For better food choices, it is best to make a quick research about the guest to ensure you offer the right catering options. Incorporating seasonal or fresh items and anticipating special dietary needs will make your guests feel appreciated and ensure a successful event.