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Expert Planners’ Top Tips for Wedding Day Bliss

Bouquet of flowers down the aisle

The end of 2016 is drawing near, and that means 2017 wedding planning is kicking into high gear for many brides-to-be. As employees of the top wedding reception venue in the Greater Miami area, Renaissance planners have pretty much seen it all, and that means they’re skilled at providing the guidance brides need to ensure their event is as beautiful (and stress-free) as possible. Here are just a few of their top tips for a great wedding day:

  • Book early, especially if you’re planning a May or June wedding. Some dates fill up faster than others, so securing your date as early as possible is essential. Even if your preferred date is booked, our planners can suggest alternative dates that can work with your schedule as well as your guests’.
  • Keep a binder – with pockets. Planning will be a lot easier when you have everything at your fingertips.
  • Make sure you have ample room for dancing and mingling. The Renaissance offers several venue options for guest lists of all sizes so crowding won’t be an issue.
  • Ask for recommendations. Renaissance planners are experts when it comes to helping brides make the most of their special day, so don’t be shy about asking for menu ideas, decorations or recommendations for outside vendors like photographers or musical talent.
  • Work your budget. The folks at offer these general guidelines: 50 percent for the reception; 10 percent each for flowers, attire, music, and photography; 2 to 3 percent each for invitations and bridal party gifts; and the remaining funds for miscellaneous expenses and “surprises.”
  • Have your wedding and reception at the same location. The Renaissance offers both an indoor and an outdoor chapel with theater seating for up to 500 guests so neither your bridal party nor your guests have to deal with the hassle of driving to a new location.

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