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5 Tips to Create Your Ideal Wedding Registry

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Your wedding registry can be a powerful tool in helping you start your marriage well-equipped, and it also provides your guests with some much needed direction when shopping for a gift. To make sure your registry reflects your needs and desires, here are four simple steps you should take before building your list:

Inventory what you have: Especially if you’ve been living on your own for some time, you already may own many of the traditional wedding gift items, and you probably also have a good idea of what other items you may need. Doing a quick inventory can refresh your memory, and also identify worn items that may need to be replaced or upgraded.

Consider your lifestyle: Do you want to be able to entertain a lot, or are you more about a few occasional relaxed dinners with friends? If it’s the former, you might want some cool barware, serving pieces, or even guest towels to help you create an inviting mood.

Think about your hobbies: Not everything on your list has to pertain to your home. If you and your spouse share a common interest like camping, cycling, or DIY projects, you might want to place a few items on your list to make those activities even more enjoyable.

Be specific: If you need dinnerware and don’t specify the pieces, color, or style you like, you could wind up with items that simply don’t suit your needs or your style. Most stores let you choose specific items with a handy scanner to ensure you get just the items you want and need. If that’s not an option, make sure to give as many details as possible.

One more tip: While creating a gift registry often falls to the bride, it’s usually better if both partners build the registry list together. Not only does it “share the load” of preparing for the wedding, but it also ensures both your needs and styles are reflected in the gifts you wind up receiving.