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3 Creative Elements To Incorporate Into Any Graduation Party To Help Make Memories

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Graduation party season is now in full swing, but if you haven’t yet started planning, it’s not too late. If you haven’t started looking at graduation party venues, however, now’s the time. Once the details are set, you can enjoy the process of brainstorming the elements that make any graduation party memorable for the guest of honor. Here are just a few creative elements to incorporate into any graduation party to help make it as memorable as possible.

Create a Scrapbook/Guest Book
First, it’s a great idea to set up some sort of guest book so that each and every guest can sign it and record their attendance. They can write a special message for the graduate, a personal memory, an inside joke, or even all of the above! After the event, the book will serve as an absolutely priceless keepsake that helps the graduate to reflect on their younger years. Plus, guests will have a blast filling out the book and reminiscing about their time with the graduate.

Choose a Theme Carefully
Though this is optional, it can certainly help to make the event more memorable. Adding a theme to the event, especially one that properly reflects the personality and interests of the graduate, is sure to make it a hit. For example, spending for cocktail hours has risen to 76% from 69% in 2010, and if the graduate is of legal drinking age, HerCampus has a unique recommendation to incorporate fun alcoholic beverages into a number of event themes:

“If you’re having a breakfast theme, make a mimosa bar with different juices, champagnes, and fruits to garnish the delicious concoction. If you’re having the event at night, hire a bartender and create a “Grad’s Choice” drink that satisfies your taste! Bonus points if it’s your school colors. Just remember not to go overboard!” writes Brooklynn Kramer.

Honor the Graduate
Finally, one of the main goals of your memorable elements should be to show how much the guest of honor, i.e., the graduate, has grown since beginning their educational path. Whether the graduate has just finished high school or college, it’s important to honor them by creating a collage and hanging it for all guests to see. Don’t hesitate to ask guests to add to the collage by bringing along any photos they may have of the graduate.

Ultimately, these fun elements, along with touring enough graduation party venues before you choose one, can help to add to the memories your graduation party creates. For more information about graduation party venues and reception halls, contact Renaissance Miami.