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3 Things You Should Do 1 to 2 Weeks Before Your Wedding Day

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Normally it’s a good idea to book your wedding reception halls as soon as possible once you’re engaged — at least a year to nine months before the wedding. Of course, once this is done, there are countless other tiny details to remember, from even a year before the wedding to the big day itself. One to two weeks before the wedding is a phase where many couples are so overwhelmed with finalizing small details that they neglect some of the bigger duties that need to be taken care of. Here are just a few important things to do one to two weeks before your wedding day.

Confirm Vendor Details
After exploring and choosing the best wedding venues Miami Florida has to offer, it’s important to confirm these arrangements, even the small details, with a representative. These contracts should be already signed and written up, so take some time to carefully read them over and make sure you understand every little detail.

“Confirm your arrangements with vendors. You have those contracts taken care of, but it doesn’t hurt to double check the details. Verify date, places, times, setup, take-down, etc. Make sure your venue’s closing time corresponds with your vendors’,” writes WeddingShoppe.

Finalize Payments
You’ll inevitably have countless things to remember on your wedding day itself, so why wait until then to finish paying for the big day? It’s best to be able to let yourself breathe a sigh of relief and pay off any remaining bills you have when it comes to wedding packages. That way, when the day arrives, your one and only job is to get married, and you can leave the checkbook at home.

Get Your Marriage License
Finally, if you haven’t already, make sure you have a timeline in mind for getting your marriage license. Though each state is different, sometimes you need an appointment, and you never know if a roadblock could come up that delays the process. Get it taken care of ahead of time.

It can certainly be exhilarating when your wedding is just a week or two away, but don’t forget to take care of these small details! For more information about how to find the best wedding venues Miami Florida can provide, contact Renaissance Miami.