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Uninvited wedding guests? Here’s how to handle them on your big day

Wedding guests

Actually, most wedding crashers are less likely to be random people trying to get free food and more likely friends or relatives of your invited guests. While it can be annoying to deal with this situation, it is also a good idea to consider uninvited wedding guests on your big day. This will lessen the stress of not knowing what to do, where to place them or if there is enough food for them. Here are some steps you can take to handle extra wedding guests.

Be clear on the invitations

Don’t leave anything to chance, be as clear as possible by writing the exact names of the people you’re inviting on the envelopes. It’s best to be super-specific, you can even write the exact name of the guest instead of putting “guest”. If you don’t have guest information then another alternative is to write the exact number of extra people your attendee can bring with him/her.

Pre-warn your venue

There may be a few people on your guest list who, despite your best efforts, might still bring a plus-one or two anyway. It is best to be safe than sorry, so alert your wedding planner or venue of the potential extra guests in advance, so that they’ll be able to handle the situation. The more pre-planning, the less stress you’ll have on the wedding day.

Accommodate uninvited wedding guests

If your friends and relatives bring extra guests to your event avoid getting upset or handling it by yourself. It is your big day and anything that can make you angry or stressed should be ignored. Do your best to be a good host and let your planner or venue coordinator accommodate your extra person or people instead.

While it’s fairly unlikely that true wedding crashers will show up at your event, it is best to let the venue deal with them as swiftly as possible. For those guests who were not on the list, don’t try to handle the situation yourself. Just focus on enjoying your day, and not letting anyone or anything ruin it for you!