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Top Questions About COVID-19 Weddings

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The global Covid-19 pandemic definitely had a toll on millions of weddings worldwide. Although many countries are in the post-pandemic phase, there are many uncertain factors going around such as new virus variations, restrictions changing a lot, and vaccines. Therefore, we have compiled a list of Q&A for engaged couples looking to get married during a pandemic.

Q&A Guide For COVID-19 Weddings

Q: Can you make a 20-person (socially distant) wedding still feel like a fun party?
A: Of course! Size doesn’t matter when it comes to your wedding day. With the right crew, venue, food, and drinks it will be a night to remember.

Q: Is it OK to ask guests if they’ll be vaccinated before the wedding?
A: Although it can be a challenge to make it a requirement to get vaccinated before the wedding, it is OK to ask guests if they are or are not already fully vaccinated.

Q: How far out should you send invites?
A: Restrictions are changing regularly, so a time of six weeks. This allows some time to adjust the guest count or change the plan if needed.

Q: Will destination weddings abroad be possible?
A: It all depends on the destination, domestic and international travel has been allowed in many countries. The safest thing to do is research how countries are handling COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Although so much is still uncertain and it’s natural to have lots of questions about the future. Don’t let that take away the excitement that comes with wedding planning. Remember that it is your wedding! A moment you’ve been waiting. The world might be a little chaotic but there are still a lot of responses and hope to go around. Plan ahead and set up an appointment with one of our event specialists to help you through your wedding journey.