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4 Trendy Colors Themes For Summer Weddings

4 Trendy Colors Themes For Summer Weddings

As the summer begins, restrictions on the global pandemic are lifted and more people are getting vaccinated, the doors to summer wedding season open wide and clear. A wedding during the sunny season should be bright and happy. Of course, it is important to note that it is your big day after all, so you should be comfortable with any theme color you choose. Here are the top five trendy colors recommended for the season.

1. Rose Tones (Canyon, Dusty, and Cinnamon Rose)

Elegant yet enchanting! Weddings with rose tones themes will never go out of style. This tone has a range of options to play with and they all favor a romantic and bright setting. Depending on the soon-to-be-married couple, you can play with the tones on the decor, bridesmaid dresses, or flower bouquets. No matter what, pink will always be a classic and won’t let you down.

2. Dusty Blue & Burgundy

This color palette is a beautiful combination. Dust blue gives a dreamy and soft feel, while the burgundy pops out the details. Either in invites, on the floral decorations, wedding cake, and other elements. These tones will some visual contrast to your wedding.

3. Lavender tones

This is a stunning color for an elegant, fancy wedding indoors. You can also take advantage of the aromatic scent of lavender flowers to set a calming and happy mood.

4. White, Gold, and Green

Classic tones will never go out of style. White and gold themes have been going on for decades since they give weddings a sense of elegance, charm, and a touch of glam. Adding a green tone will make your decorations or other elements stand out. You can play with other colors, but green represents health, abundance, and peace. Perfect for a wedding celebration!

From classics to warm tones, a wedding in the summer should be light and bright. At Renaissance, we offer event furniture and chivarri chair rentals in many colors and styles to match your event’s theme. Your wedding day should be one to remember, and that has been our goal since the beginning.