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How the Best Man Helps with the Planning and the Big Day

The best man is one of the most important figures at a wedding. He is picked along with the maid of honor by the couple to assist them in preparing for the big day. Many people are aware of some basic responsibilities of the best man and the maid of honor but are not fully knowledgeable of how in-depth their roles are embedded in the wedding planning and on an actual day. Taking a closer look at the best man, this is how he helps the groom throughout the planning process and on the big day.

​Specified Jobs
​There is a belief that the best man does not have as many tasks as the maid of honor and is seen as more of a higher-level groomsman. Contrary to popular belief, the best man possesses the same amount of tasks as the maid of honor does. The best man is responsible for scheduling the tuxedo fittings for the groom and the rest of the groomsmen. He also is in charge of organizing the groomsmen’s gifts. The best man needs to be there for the groom throughout the planning. While the best man is preparing the bachelor party, the groom may also need him to look over the seating chart or plan transportation. Being the best man is an honor, but also a job that comes with many tasks. 

Working with the Maid of Honor
​The best man and maid of honor must work as a team to ensure the wedding goes smoothly for the bride and groom. Some best man and maid of honor partnerships keep a shared calendar or planner of what they need to get done for the bride and groom. Both sides benefit from working together because they share the common goal of giving the engaged couple the happiest wedding possible. 

Day of the Wedding
On the wedding day, the best man is in charge of ensuring all the groomsmen and the groom are dressed and looking spectacular for the rest of the day. Similar to the maid of honor, the best man must keep the groom calm and help him go down the aisle. Once the wedding is over and the reception begins, the best man can finally make his official speech.