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How the Maid of Honor Helps with Planning and the Big Day

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Everyone has heard about the maid of honor and the best man. But, only a few people know about the roles they actually take on in terms of the wedding. It begins with the couple selecting two people they trust to be named the maid of honor and the best man at their wedding. Primarily focusing on the maid of honor, she is given specific tasks from the bride to assist with wedding planning and what she needs to do on the wedding day. This is a look at the role of the maid of honor.

Distinguished Responsibilities
The traditional task of the maid of honor is to organize the bachelorette party and to help the bride wherever she is needed, and the maid of honor is almost needed in every aspect of the wedding planning. During the planning phase, the maid of honor schedules dresses fittings for the bride and the bridesmaids. Usually, she is in charge of putting together the bridesmaid gifts. She also has to be ready to take on any jobs that the bride needs to be completed. The maid of honor may need to help pick out invitations and party favors. When the maid of honor is chosen, she has to be prepared to help with anything given to her.

​Working with the Best Man
Of course, the maid of honor and the best man work together. Their partnership creates a stable foundation for wedding planning. They coordinate dates, dress and suit colors, and any joint events. Some couples would send their best man and maid of honor to tour Miami wedding venues together if the couple cannot make it. Plus working together can decrease any planning anxiety the couple may experience.

​On the Wedding Day
The goal of the maid of honor on the wedding day is to keep the bride calm and help her go down the aisle. She has to be in the dressing room and making sure all the other bridesmaids are getting ready. After the bride walks down the aisle and gets married, then the maid of honor has to have her speech all set to go.