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Unique Wedding Venues to Consider During the Pandemic

Selecting a venue is one of the biggest decisions to make when planning your dream wedding. Approximately 40% of couples search for unusual venues that best reflect their personalities. With the lockdown restrictions during the recent pandemic, planning a dream wedding at the best venue can be tricky. You may want to consider some ideas that can be perfect for a smaller crowd if a grand celebration isn’t possible. Here are three unique wedding venues to consider during the pandemic.

Drive-In Movie Wedding

You can transform your own backyard or a local park into one of the most unique wedding venues by having a drive-in movie wedding. Live stream the ceremony on a big screen for guests to watch from their cars. You can hire food trucks for catering and concessions. After your vows, enjoy your favorite movie as a couple with your guests.

Wedding Tailgates

One of the newest trends for unusual wedding venues is parking lot weddings. Guests can cluster their cars together along two sides with an open space in the middle. The newlyweds can walk through each of the rows and greet everyone from a safe distance. After the ceremony, you can hold a car parade reception. Find a place that holds special meaning for the both of you and ask if you can hold your wedding in their parking lot.

Colorful Flower Fields

Being outdoors can allow you to have a much larger wedding party while still keeping everyone safe. Search for local flower farms in your local area. You can hold the wedding ceremony and reception in a lush flower field. Your first dance as newlyweds could take place near a soft, bubbling brook. By having your wedding at a local flower farm, you can help a small business that may be struggling during these unprecedented times.

The pandemic can create some tricky challenges when it comes to choosing unique wedding venues. There are numerous ideas online to help you find good wedding venues where you can all still be safe from spreading the virus. Get started choosing your best place to have a wedding today!